Pimp My Uke

The charity will be celebrating 25 years of outstanding participatory arts delivery on the 9th of November in Tramshed, Cardiff, with its exciting gala event “25 and Live”. In the lead-up to the event the charity is hosting several small projects to celebrate this achievement.

The concept of “Pimp My Uke” is simple. Each artist has received a blank ukulele from Community Music Wales which they will paint in their own unique styles. When finished, the ukuleles will be displayed in a gallery for a short time before being auctioned off to the public. This will help to raise funds for future projects and the charity’s ongoing activity.
Hannah Jenkins, director of Community Music Wales, said,
“We want to make people aware that we’re still here and doing great work across Wales, and have been doing so for 25 years. While at our core we are a music charity, we have also been big supporters of all types of community art over the past 25 years. We wanted to shine a light on some of the hugely talented artists in Wales, but also offer a unique piece of art that people can own and play. Through doing this we are also hoping to give something back to the people and communities who have supported us over the past 25 years.”
A handful of ukuleles have been completed so far and each one showcases the artist’s individual skill and style, ranging from steampunk through to typography and hyper realism. About the challenges of painting a ukulele, artist Kerry Evans said,
“The ukulele is tricky because of the contours and strings (not to mention the hole slap bang in the middle!) but I often up cycle and paint old chests and pieces of furniture with my work so I'm used to adapting to a curved interrupted surface. It's looking good so far, I like that the design is wrapped around the uke's body and painted artefacts are always interesting to me. I normally work on a much larger scale for impact but I've enjoyed the challenge of adorning this humble little instrument. It's been fun.”
We are expecting the rest of the ukuleles to be completed by the end of September, at which point details will be released for the exhibition and following auction.

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